Organizational Sustainability and Risk Management; Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

Mission: Our mission at Marquis Safety Systems is to provide Business Case for Operational Risk Management (read OHSE).  To increase organizational efficiency through mitigation of Risk and Engagement of workers, partners, collaborators, and management alike. Through use of Risk Management tools and techniques, we strive to find simple and effective concepts that are measurable and user friendly in all aspects of Operational and Business Risk, to increase your net worth.  

Vision: Our vision at Marquis Safety Systems is to see an alignment of Moral and Ethical values into the Corporate Culture where we can see the benefits of today’s way of Responsible, Accountable and Sustainable Business Practices to create a Resilient Organization poised to withstand and thrive in the event of any and all incidents and conditions.  Increase Value, Mitigate Risk, and Eliminate Loss.

Values: At Marquis Safety Systems we value your investment and the human component. Our values include, but not limited to: Integrity, Honesty, Transparency and Engagement.