LEADERSHIP IN SAFETY: Aligning Safety Culture with Corporate Culture ​

LEADERSHIP IN SAFETY: Aligning Safety Culture with Corporate Culture   ​


Is there “Safety Culture”? And if there is how do we define it? The defining of safety culture throughout organizations has been widely differentiated from the corporate culture.  The question is why? Enterprise Risk Management would ask 5 Whys; a refined example of the KAIZEN model, also adopted by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (2004). Safety culture has many definitions: from Confederation of British Industry’s "…attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety" (CBI 1991) to “…the product of individual and group attitudes, perceptions, and values about workplace behaviour and processes that collectively result safety work units and reliable organizational products.” ....

Contractor/Sub-contractor pre-qualification.


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Have you hired contractors to do work for you without knowing what your legal obligation as "PRIME CONTRACTOR" under WSBC (WorkSafeBC the BC Workers Compensation Board), or any other authority having jurisdiction? Don’t leave yourself open to liability as former BC Premier Gordon Campbell.


Roofer's fatal fall at Gordon Campbell's home highlights little-known law


Campbell, as the homeowner, became the "prime contractor" because he failed to assign that written role to the general contractor                                           


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     An accident in which a roofer was killed when he fell through the skylight of former premier Gordon Campbell's vacation home is highlighting a little-known piece of contract law that can have huge implications for home owners.

In a report released publicly Monday, WorkSafeBC said Campbell, as the home owner, became the "prime contractor" because he failed to assign that written role to the general contractor whose company was doing some renovations on his Sunshine Coast home last July. As a result, the former premier had the legal responsibility for coordinating and establishing compliance with health and safety requirements.

The accident occurred when David Lesko, an employee of Weather Tight Supplies Ltd., lost his balance and fell nearly 18 feet to his death. At the time he was wearing a fall arrest harness but had not secured it to an anchor point. Three other employees of the company were also on the roof, all without fall arrest equipment. Weather Tight was registered with WorkSafeBC, but in the past had been cited several times by the provincial agency for not complying with its acts and regulations.

WorkSafe spokeswoman Donna Freeman WorkSafe said Monday that Campbell was given a written order of what he must do to comply in future as a prime contractor. WorkSafe is also considering levying a penalty against Weather Tight, she said.

Paul Devine, a lawyer with Miller Thomson who specializes in health and safety law, said the accident illustrates how little home owners know about their legal responsibilities when they hire contractors to do work around their home.

Most people don't realize they should check to make sure the company they hire is registered with WorkSafe or that they are financially responsible if an unregistered worker is hurt on the job. They also have no clue that they should assign the role of prime contractor to the main company doing the work, Devine said.

"Most home owners would go out and hire as a contractor and assume they would bring in all the sub-trades and make sure they are looked after," he said. "The problem is under the legislation it says you have to assign a prime contractor in writing and if you don't the owner becomes the prime contractor. I don't know that most people think past whether the hiring or whether this person is going to do a good job or the cost of it, rather than about the liability if somebody is injured. Generally speaking I don't think home owners think in those terms."

In Campbell's case, there were three separate companies working on his project, two groups of carpenters and the roofers. All were registered with WorkSafe. But because no one was assigned as prime contractor, the role of ensuring they all complied with health and safety regulations fell to Campbell, something investigators said the former premier was unaware of. Campbell was not on the site when the accident occurred.

Freeman said because Weather Tight was registered, WorkSafe covered the workers' compensation insurance for Lesko. But she said in cases where contractors aren't registered with WorkSafe, home owners are fully liable for any compensation costs. She said there are fewer than five cases a year in which there are serious accidents or fatalities at an unregistered home owner work site.


Photograph by: Darren Stone , Postmedia News

Photograph by: Darren Stone , Postmedia News

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Roofer+fatal+fall+Gordon+Campbell+home+highlights+little+known/6254649/story.html#ixzz3FOaZ8MYN

 Read more:http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Roofer+fatal+fall+Gordon+Campbell+home+highlights+little+known/6254649/story.html#ixzz3FOX7Gbbu

At MARQUIS SAFETY SYSTEMS WE offer a wide range of products  among a long list of Health Safety and Environmental Management Systems (HSEMS)

We are position to assess, measure and manage Risk at the Operational and Business levels.

·         Contractor selection (pre-qualification) and management (including Subs)

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"Safety Culture". Does it really exist?

"Safety Culture".  Does it really exist?
"Management must always in every decision and action put economic performance first. It can only justify its existence and its authority by the economic results it produces.”

So when we look at core values and a corporate culture, what does this mean and where does Health, Safety and Environment fit in? 

Government of Canada Introduces Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

In response to Jeff Mowatt's email this morning on Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) entitled:

"If you don't agree with the anti-spam legislation, please forward this to you local mp and newspaper"

I replied with the following as I am totally and unequivocally in favour of such legislation even though it does create more challenges for me as a small business owner to reach my clients in bulk form or to solicit without prior consent.

Please all look clearly and carefully at the legislation before jumping on this sort of bandwagon and sending MP's MPP's and local newspapers your rants on a fair and just piece of legislature.

My response, unedited, to Jeff Mowatt; a fellow member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)

 Hi Jeff, 

I highly respect your opinion, and as a small business owner agree the new anti-spam legislation is onerous and a pain for small, and probably all business.

I have also identified it hasn't really an effect on offshore spammers.

However I am not in agreement to have it repealed or modified/downplayed as you suggest.

I attend many, many networking and public events.  I have made it a habit now to tell people I forgot my business cards, which is a lie.  I detest having to tell an untruth, but have been peppered with spam for years by unwanted and unsolicited crap which has nothing to do with my business.

I am very selective as to where my information goes and I still have spam.  The worst of which are some entities find a way to bounce a deleted item back over and over and over again and I want legislation to prevent this not only here in CANADA but worldwide.

So hopefully the anti-spam legislation here in CANADA will set precedent and will be adopted by other countries and eventually globally.



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with what you can do

WorkSafeBC levies $1M in fines and fees for Burns Lake blast that killed two.

WorkSafeBC levies $1M in fines and fees for Burns Lake blast that killed two.

British Columbia's workers compensation board has imposed more than $1 million in fines and fees against the owners of the Burns Lake sawmill that exploded, killing two workers and injuring 19 others. WorkSafeBC charged Hampton Affiliates a penalty of $97,000, and a so-called claims cost levy of almost $915,000. The levy authorizes the agency to collect compensation for death or injury, and the money will be deposited into an accident fund.