Government of Canada Introduces Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

In response to Jeff Mowatt's email this morning on Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) entitled:

"If you don't agree with the anti-spam legislation, please forward this to you local mp and newspaper"

I replied with the following as I am totally and unequivocally in favour of such legislation even though it does create more challenges for me as a small business owner to reach my clients in bulk form or to solicit without prior consent.

Please all look clearly and carefully at the legislation before jumping on this sort of bandwagon and sending MP's MPP's and local newspapers your rants on a fair and just piece of legislature.

My response, unedited, to Jeff Mowatt; a fellow member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)

 Hi Jeff, 

I highly respect your opinion, and as a small business owner agree the new anti-spam legislation is onerous and a pain for small, and probably all business.

I have also identified it hasn't really an effect on offshore spammers.

However I am not in agreement to have it repealed or modified/downplayed as you suggest.

I attend many, many networking and public events.  I have made it a habit now to tell people I forgot my business cards, which is a lie.  I detest having to tell an untruth, but have been peppered with spam for years by unwanted and unsolicited crap which has nothing to do with my business.

I am very selective as to where my information goes and I still have spam.  The worst of which are some entities find a way to bounce a deleted item back over and over and over again and I want legislation to prevent this not only here in CANADA but worldwide.

So hopefully the anti-spam legislation here in CANADA will set precedent and will be adopted by other countries and eventually globally.



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