At Marquis Safety Systems we endeavour to create, and maintain, a Sustainable and Resilient Organization.


No better way could there be to produce a status evaluation of an Organization but through a comprehensive systemic audit of all business functions.  The cooperation and transparency throughout business units of an organization achieved through a comprehensive, systemic audit is sometimes a breakthrough, a revelation of opportunities lying dormant within the organization where our audits uncover not only Risk, but Opportunity.  According to James Lam (Highly acclaimed American author of several texts on the topic of Enterprise Risk Management) the Chinese characters for RISK consist of the characters: DANGER and OPPORTUNITY. 

Marquis Safety Systems (MSS) specializes in Health, Safety and Environment Management Systems (HSEMS) and Enterprise RISK MANAGEMENT (ERM) with our focus on the global stage as well as serving many facets of industry in Canada. Our expertise as generalists, combined with our network of partners and associates, provide you with a broad and global range of tools for your organization.

Also on the offerings are:

  1. Keynote Presentation on Corporate Culture and a new paradigm in Safety and Health Management. We create deliverables and affect where the dollars really count: Mitigation and elimination of Loss due to corporeal and production suspension due to the human component.
  2.  Presentations, facilitation, education and training programs to management on the new paradigm in Health, Safety, Environment as well as in Operational and Business Risk Management. Utilizing modern methods including, but not limited to: Appreciative Inquiry, Empathic Listening and Interdependence models to clearly communicate a new level of engaged worker and associate who cares about not only themselves, their families, their co-workers but also the outcomes on a daily basis.
  3. Assess: Are the right people, tools, skills and tasks applied at the right place at the right time?
  4. Is Supply Chain Failure a concern? Do you have a process for contract(or) pre-approval? Are you mitigation you losses by contracting out services, yet have no functional vetting process for contracts and contractors? 

We tailor to your organizational needs. Allow us to assess your required needs, asses where the losses encountered in the past can be reduced and/or eliminated and proper streamlining of the organization is possible.

Bottom line is where we want you to see the differences in our services to you. Reduced Loss and increased production.

Metro Vancouver State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Facility at Lynn Valley, North Vancouver District.            - Paul E. Marquis

Metro Vancouver State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Facility at Lynn Valley, North Vancouver District.           - Paul E. Marquis


Not only can we assist all sizes of organization in achieving compliance regulatory bodies require, we can also help you become a Learning Organization, through Organizational Leadership and Change Management techniques, allowing you to strive towards the total elimination of all factors pertaining to time, equipment and injury loss.  We help you maintain a Sustainable,  Resilient Organization by providing you with Loss Prevention and Risk Management tools to go beyond compliance, and should you chose, achieve Best Practice.

By assessing your systems and auditing your current Organizations’ Business Units, we empower Management to move forward with strength into the future.  To remain competitive in today's markets, organizations must constantly adapt to change.  We can help you stay a step ahead as you become a Learning Organization that will adopt a Change Management approach to not only your Occupational Health & Safety concerns, but in all Business Units.

We provide the systems that will bring you a greater awareness of the cost savings generated by a healthy work environment.  We give you the ability to maintain those systems thus ensuring the Safety, Security, Sustainability and Resilience of the Organization.

Through comprehensive Safety audit we will identify trouble areas, provide guidance and recommendation for corrective action and will provide the tools you need to continuously monitor and adjust for all eventualities and challenges in a fast paced, global environment.